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We focus on a great toddler’s perspective and you will prevent that have a senior female showing for the like and you will lifetime

The film follows a good sequential structure from youngest so you can eldest. The newest documentary explores a variety of feelings this type of girls keep with the their people, boyfriends, husbands, and you may sons. Since it moves on the fresh new males which can be becoming discussed combine towards a portrait of 1 lovable private.

Genre: Documentary where 70 females, most of the regarding the Irish midlands, set-up inside the ascending acquisition old, give stories in regards to the guys within their lifetime

Identity off Movie: Kes – Kenneth Loach [1969 – Running Date: 1hr 53mins] intimate

Billy was 15 years dated and increasing right up from inside the a grim city where in actuality the financial and you may social backdrop is worst. (tovább…)