Thread: Information (PVP): Remain Raids, PVP headings, eliminate chat messages, PVP Brackets an such like.?

Suggestions (PVP): Remain Raids, PVP headings, kill speak texts, PVP Mounts an such like.?

Yoshi P. stated that he had starred Dark Chronilogical age of Camelot ages ago and you can appreciated the PVP. (it has got one of the recommended PVP options available to choose from).

Keep RAID Map I Also would like to see Keep Raids in FFXIV. ple a PVP battle MAP of DAOC, where you can see 3 different towers which can be destroyed or captured. and in the middle of the map there is a keep which can be captured as well. The NPC Lord of that keep has to be defeated in order to receive it.

It reminds me personally of your own totally new “A world Reborn PVP Build Ways” from Last Fantasy XIV and that presented a massive middle remain and therefore is attacked by a couple of some other factions that with catapults an such like:

To make sure no further wishing queues, Carteneau shouldnt be divided in to an other classification within the obligations finder. It also would be to really works particularly good “PVP Roulette Mode”.

Within the Final Fantasy XIV you could potentially visited various other headings from the ranking right up at your huge team. which you are able to pick right here:

Thread: Advice (PVP): Keep Raids, PVP titles, eliminate cam texts, PVP Brackets etcetera.?

Destroy Cam Texts What else i think is quiet nice that you can see who gets killed by which player, from which faction he was and where your faction member got killed at (in Cartenau it could be something like ” Tidus got killed in Helidrome by Kimahri ” : (this is just a stretched chat window here)

An individual of your own faction will get killed you get an email regarding the competition chat such as ” Tidus try murdered in the marketplace from the Affect Lionheart ” or ” Quichy Sturmbruch are slain on Heliodrome from the Wakaba Lungberg “