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As i remember these materials you to definitely she’s explaining they are content moments, moments regarding serenity

From the 5th part, shortly after merely being told out-of her partner’s death, she actually is most detailed of all things one she notices at that minute, because if she wants to think about everything regarding the time. However, why must one-point out “delicious air out-of precipitation,” “cards away from a distant tune,” and you will “sparrows was basically twittering regarding the eaves” during the wife or husband’s dying? This is my very first hint there was alot more going on in this tale than just a person who destroyed their partner.

About tale you have made an impact in the partner you to she try most likely controlled by her husband and this the relationships wasn’t a happy you to definitely whatsoever. “The sort, sensitive give collapsed within the dying”; that it statement astonished me to start with when i see clearly. Because the I didn’t obtain the impact away from the girl other comments one to he had been a sort and you can sensitive guy, as a matter of fact I thought the opposite away from him. But their second statement–”. see your face which had never looked conserve that have love up on the lady, repaired and you will grey and dead”–this was more of the way i envisioned which son is. (tovább…)