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Density rates signify duikers (/kilometer 2 ) were around 40 times way more abundant than simply chimpanzees (?0

5/km 2 ), and approximately 400 times more abundant than leopards and elephants (?0.05/km 2 ; Table 3). We estimated that 13 elephants, 10–14 leopards (depending on availability estimator), 87–109 chimpanzees (depending on availability estimator), and 3949 Maxwell’s duikers occupied our 200-km 2 study area (Table 3). Estimates for duikers were the most precise (CV = 11%); estimates for chimpanzees were reasonably precise (20% < CV < 30%), and estimates for elephants were potentially too imprecise to be useful (50% < CV < 200%; Table 3). The analytic estimator yielded variances that were larger than those estimated by bootstrapping (except for very rare elephants), and only slightly larger than the variance of the encounter rate calculated from the raw data (Table 3).

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  • † Detection form abbreviations was UHR, unadjusted hazard rates; UHN, unadjusted half of-normal.

Spatiotemporal sampling work and you will precision

Raising the amount of sampling towns had a slightly big perception as compared to lifetime of sampling for each place (during the months) into precision of estimates away from duiker run into rates, but a dramatically larger effect on the accuracy out-of chimpanzee stumble on prices (Table 4). Estimated coefficients getting leopards (perhaps not demonstrated) expressed just a tiny effectation of amount of towns and cities. Even more exploratory analyses indicated that (1) an enormous tiny fraction of the findings regarding leopards originated from apparently few adult cams and cam-weeks, (2) removing about 50 % of our own places fell the few cities having the quintessential observations, cutting average come across pricing plus delivering an even more also shipping of findings around the towns and that a lowered Cv variance, and you will (3) subsequent decreasing the amount of places got rid of really observations of leopards, in a fashion that estimates of the come upon speed was in fact dramatically reduced that have higher variances. (tovább…)